Double Life Dog Diet

Part 4… Are you Killing Doggie?

Andy showed me exactly what he was talking about.

A dog came in. Arthritic. With hot spots. A severe ear infection.

She was in pain. A lot of pain. Even I thought she should be put down… It didn’t seem fair…

He said, “Give me a month.”

He took the dog home with him. I didn’t see her for a month.

Then he brought her back to the shelter.

Her eyes were bright. Her coat shiny. She smelled good(!).

She was playful but calm. A very happy dog.


In that moment I realized something beautiful

…And something terrible

I’d killed my dogs. All of them…

I’d killed them because of greed.

Not my greed.

Greed of the big corporations.

* * * * *

I’ve since got a new dog. Jasper.

I call him Jazzy.

Jazzy is a very happy, active, fun dog.

But here’s the thing.

Jazzy is the least-expensive dog to live with that I’ve ever had. I’ve never, ever had health problems with Jazzy.

Not one…

The food I feed Jazzy is healthy for him. He doesn’t get sick…

The food is his medicine.


Instead of feeding him food that KILLS him in his prime, I feed him the best food…

[What upsets me about the world is how money corrupts. Some evil people are happy to let dogs die young if it makes them richer. Money is used to spread a lie. To hide the truth. To make a few men wealthy, at the cost of the health of our animals. We need to get the message out there…]

Jazzy will live long into the future.

Andy is certain.

I am certain.

My mission here is to do a few things.

I’m going to list them now…

Double Life Dog Diet